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The Digital Curation Unit, Athena Research Centre

The Digital Curation Unit (DCU) was launched at “Athena” Research and Innovation Centre in Information, Communication and Knowledge Technologies in January 2007 with the mission of conducting research, developing technologies and applications, providing services and training, and acting as a national focus point in the field of digital curation. Since June 2009 the DCU is a department of the Institute for the Management of Information Systems of the “Athena” Research centre.

Digital curation encompasses a set of activities aiming at the production of high quality, dependable digital assets; their organisation, archiving and long-term preservation; and the generation of added value from digital assets by means of resource-based knowledge elicitation. To ensure the adequate capture of the context of digital resources and their subsequent creative and effective use, the DCU adopts a multidisciplinary approach which considers the full lifecycle of digital assets, such as records, digital surrogates and scholarly/scientific datasets. This approach favours a multi-faceted analysis of issues and combined use of methods, techniques and tools from the fields of informatics (especially, areas such as knowledge representation and management, knowledge extraction, ontology engineering, multimedia data management, Web technologies, digital libraries, workflow management); management and decision sciences (especially, areas such as workflow analysis, reliability analysis and cost-benefit analysis); library science and archives management; material culture studies, museology and communications; epistemology; and law.

Through its involvement in the DARIAH and EHRI projects, and its role as founding partner of the Greek Network of Infrastructures for the Human Sciences, DCU is engaged in medium-term research on the information practices, methods, and needs of scholarship. DCU also conducts multiyear research and development in the field of digital heritage and archaeological information systems, among others through participation in the CARARE, LoCLoud, 3D-ICONS and ARIADNE projects.

Further information on the Digital Curation Unit and its activities can be found in the DCU website.

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